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Subscribe to Serialmonkey for daily bits and free content on tons of new and classic serial episodes, trailers and news. We have movie quotes, movie posters, and celebrity photos of actors and actresses. It was based on the book series by author Christopher Paolini, author of the Harry Potter series. The movie revolves around a young man called Eragon, as he journeys with his family into the land of Al’iër (near the Western borders of the elves). He had recently inherited the money, a large amount of gold, a few magical artifacts and the job of keeping his father, the King of the Elves, and his entire race of Elves alive. Sæfari was forced to stay hidden as the gold and his father’s age made him, the last scion of the Dragon Riders, an increasingly costly prize to the Varden. Initially on good terms with the main character, Sæfari gradually becomes jealous and envious of Eragon. His jealousy is shown in the movie when he attempts to stop Eragon from achieving his dream. First, he attempts to make himself as close to Eragon as possible by giving him a necklace his sister, Ilda, had given him when she had died. He also demands that Eragon take over his life, but Eragon refuses by saying that “a Rider is not a slave”. Finally, he hires the Varden and their enemies to kill Eragon and take over his father’s kingdom and the three clans of elves. By betraying his race, Sæfari would be able to have himself “the brightest elf of all” and rule in peace. The only problem is that Sæfari is a good fighter and Eragon is not. Sæfari has the upper hand in every battle and his soldiers outnumber the Varden’s many times. His ultimate plan is to kill them and steal their dragon powers. Sæfari takes advantage of Eragon’s inexperience and uses this to his advantage. With his magical abilities, he attacks Eragon and the Varden without warning and forces them to back away from a cliff. At this point, Eragon realises that he could never win. Sæfari is a sorcerer, an enemy with a magic sword, and Eragon is a dumb drake rider. As Eragon is attacked, a dragon, Nasuada, rises 37a470d65a

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