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Performance profiling is a highly specialized activity that is included in the development cycle for many software solutions on the market today. Applications like Intel VTune Amplifier XE aim to make the job of programmers and developers a lot easier by helping them analyze and identify possible performance issues in their code. User friendly interface for data collection and analysis Going through the setup procedure should take only a minute or two and then the program can be set in motion and made ready for gathering information and analyzing it. Creating new projects and starting an analysis are less complicated that one would think, mainly due to the well organized layout and the manner in which all the configurations can be completed inside Intel VTune Amplifier XE. Specify the project details and choose the analysis type to evaluate application performance The first step when starting a new project involves picking the monitored application, setting its parameters (optionally) and picking the working directory. There are some advanced parameters that can be configured in there as well, including the child process analysis or providing the collection data limit and the thresholds for slow and fast frames. The following stage implies choosing the process to analyze and the details related to this selection, then the user can set up the overall system performance analysis options before starting the actual operation. Picking the analysis type is the final step before deploying the assessment and here are numerous methods to choose from, grouped into 3 large categories. Creating new types is possible and the application enables users to add new hardware event-based sampling analysis or user-mode sampling and tracing analysis. A well equipped utility for thorough code performance assessment All in all, Intel VTune Amplifier XE proves to be one of the best tools of its kind, as it comes with all the necessary means of evaluating the performance of any application. Quite easy to use and able to provide an in-depth inside insofar as the inner workings of a selected program are concerned.







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It is one of the most comprehensive performance analysis and optimization software application designed by Intel. In this task, users are provided with a free edition of the software, which provides all the necessary options for collecting and analyzing application performances in a range of available performance events. What’s more, the service can be easily extended with two available subscription plans which guarantee additional functionality for a small premium. Taking into consideration all the specifics of the development process, the application lets you decide which events to collect and how to collect them. When dealing with CPU events, you can choose to collect the program cycles (CPU cycles that was said to be spent on executing the program), and memory (memory that is reported to be in use), and the number of instructions that the particular program actually executed. In order to gather data on the system performance, it is necessary to first install the application on the given host and make use of a network card or onboard storage. Collecting the required information on the CPU clock and actual run time is simple, yet there are some limitations for memory and instructions events. The more precise the data collected are, the more valuable results are going to be, but you need to bear in mind the fact that only the last buffer is going to be saved and the data is not as useful as the one gathered the moment the stream was interrupted. This is the reason why Intel VTune Amplifier XE will put an upper limit on the size of the data buffer it stores and by default, the given time frame is set to 3 seconds (optionally, users can change it to another value). In our case, we’re going to check out the 20 application performance events provided by Intel VTune Amplifier XE to identify any possible issues and analyze their overall effect on the overall performance of the application and figure out how to optimize it. In case the program is running on a single host, the timing can be easily measured by saving the collected data to the file. With a network connection, the application prompts users to log in. Once everything is ready and the recordings are running, all the collected data is being displayed in a highly organized manner where all the details related to a particular performance event are given. A comprehensive profiling tool based on common clock-based measurements As said before, the different data collected are grouped into 3 categories, that is, CPU time, memory usage and the number of instructions executed. The CPU time graph shows the number of cycles the application 2f7fe94e24

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With Intel VTune Amplifier XE users can efficiently pinpoint bottlenecks in their applications and promptly determine the best method for removing them. The product is a software application that can be used in any environment that supports the Windows operating system such as client, desktop, or server. Such product is designed to support cross-platform, language, and compiler-specific applications. Intel VTune Amplifier XE provides an in-depth view of the backend structure and system calls as well as a deep understanding of the code’s execution path. Various code samples can be used by the user for a deep understanding of what is going on inside an application. The software can be used for applications written in any programming language, including such popular ones as C++, C, Java, and C#. fmt is to map the string to a struct of your choosing. There are two functions called from here. See More… buf.Write(elem[0], 0, len(elem[0])) buf.Write(elem[1], 0, len(elem[1])) The struct definition is optional. It may help avoid a lot of calling “val” in the printout. inline is not necessary in every case. Inlining the inner function body may not always be appropriate. See More… It also speeds the code up considerably. All the local varibles are stored on the stack for the function. So the functions are more compact and faster. int main() { // allocate dynamic array of unknown size int size = 3; int* arr = new int[size]; arr[1] = 11; // unchecked due to operator new call arr[2] = 12; //…rest of the code. delete[] arr; delete[] arr; return 0; } It would be wise to use some kind of dynamic memory allocation for the arrays. int main() { // allocate dynamic array of unknown size int size = 3; int* arr = new int[size]; arr[1] = 11; // unchecked due to operator new call arr[2] = 12; //…rest of the code. delete[] arr; delete[] arr; return 0; } It would be wise to use some kind of dynamic memory allocation for the arrays. int main()

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