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MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in aims to enhance the functionality of the popular audio player by allowing you to broadcast two separate streams at the same time. As an example, you can configure it to stack an audio compressor and an effect mixing tool with a Shoutcast stream. MuchFX2 acts as a DSP plugin stacker, offering you the possibility to store and use as many DSP plugins as you want in Winamp. Furthermore, it ensures the compatibility of DSP plugins installed in 1.x versions of Winamp with version 2.x, but there is a catch: you have to rename the DLL file. The plugin is very easy to deploy and requires no configuration whatsoever. The installer automatically detects the location of Winamp and copies all the necessary components to the ‘Plugins’ folder. You can then check that the plugin is properly installed by verifying that it appears in the designated section of the “Preferences’ window in Winamp. The plugin can be reloaded using the ‘R’ key on the keyboad. More advanced users can edit its skin with the help of a dedicated Windows reqource file editor. MuchFX2 is compatible with DSP plugins of older versions of Winamp, namely 1.x or 2.x. It features a plugin cache, storing data in the PIC file it automatically generated. MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in helps Winamp users load multiple DSP effects at the same time and launch more than one stream.







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——————————————————————— MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in is a plugin for Windows, allowing you to stack multiple DSP effect units and broadcast them at the same time. This plugin can be used by any application, but it is specially designed to work with the Winamp audio player. You can configure it to install an audio compressor and an effect mixer on top of the Shoutcast or Internet radio stream. Supported features include: – Multiple DSP effects and stream recording – Sample-rate conversion – Automatic plugin cache cleaning – Display as a tray icon – Support for the Shoutcast format (WMA, MP3, OGG) – Support for the Winamp 2.0 default skin – Double buffering support and simple visualizations – Conversion of the plugin file’s extension from ‘dll’ to ‘pic’ – Visualization of the plugin file’s content – Windows ME version support – Error handling – Complete documentation How to compile MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in: ——————————————————————— 1) Compiling 1.0) Download the source code 1.1) unzip the zip file 1.2) make the patch: 2) Compiling the plugin 2.1) Download the plugin and unzip the folder 2.2) make the plugin: 3) Installing 3.1) Go to the Winamp plugin folder 3.2) create the plugin file cache 3.3) make the installer: 4) Load MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in in Winamp ——————————————————————— Compiling the plugin: Compiling the plugin is very easy. First you have to download the source code and unzip it. Then you need to copy the patch for your compiler to the ‘patch’ folder and compile the plugin by using your compiler. (example: for Visual C++ you must use: vcvars32.bat C:\Program Files\Windows Update\vcvars32.bat ) Compiling the plugin is very easy. First you have to download the source code and unzip it. Then you need to copy the patch for your compiler to the ‘patch’ folder and compile the plugin by using your compiler. (example:

MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in

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MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in supports Winamp 1.x and 2.x formats, ie. it’s possible to mix audio input of different sources in Winamp using this plugin. It can either be used as a basic stacker, permitting you to load several plugins at the same time, or as a DSP plugin, offering many parameters’ customization options, or as an advanced tool for mixing audio streams coming from two different sources. MuchFX2 is very easy to use, only requiring you to drag and drop the plugins you want to use in the ‘Plugins’ windows, and to make some adjustments in the Preference window. You can also easily select and unselect individual plugins. MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in Highlights: Matched Audio Sources: MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in provides a unique feature for matching audio sources: it can load all the audio inputs for a specified source, and check to which are they matched or not. Auto ReMatch: MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in provides an Auto ReMatch feature for starting to load all the audio inputs for a specified source, and checking to which are they matched or not. Load/Unload/Delete Plugins: MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in allows you to load/unload/delete plugins, by clicking on a plugin in the ‘Plugins’ window, and selecting “Load”, “Unload” or “Delete” respectively. Plugin-to-Stream Matching: MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in permits you to match individual plugins to audio streams coming from Winamp. Unique Effects: Unique FXs: MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in offers a unique feature for mixing audio, called “Unique FXs”, that aims to transform the source audio in the best way for the destination stream. It basically mixes the source stream in a different way than other effects. Similar FXs: MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in offers a very unique feature for mixing audio, called “Similar FXs”. You can specify up to five filters for which the plug-in will compare each pair of inputs, and it’ll display the result in a similar way to how it’s done with the “Unique FXs”. Awesome Amiga FXs!: MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in has been developed with Amiga(tm) FXs in mind. The plug-in is able to load, unload and/or delete the FX

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MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in is a plug-in for Winamp 2.x, the most popular audio player on Windows. It allows you to stack two effects or only one effect on a single audio stream on real-time. Get Powerful Effects in One Place Using MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in You have to buy other DSP plugins or aviod using command line when dsp effects are for one process MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in Features: – Stack effects simultaneously – Stacks different effects per stream – Load DSP plugins directly from a variety of sources – Stacks different plugins simultaneously – Adds all installed effects to the Plug-in list – Shows the list of effects in the Windows registery to help you create/combine effects easily – Use the mouse to adjust the order of the effects – Controls the audio stream (stacks effects in streaming mode) – Stacks the effects automatically – Combining Effects for Streaming – In the ‘Preferences’ window you can specify the number of lines to display and customize the ‘Options’ screen – Contains 20 skins to choose from – There is a good documentation that explains the usage of the plugin with screenshots. Keywords : MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in, MuchFX2 Winamp Plug-in, Winamp, Winamp Plugin, Sound Effects-7 Let h = 5.27 – 0.27. Let d = h – 5.2. What is the second biggest value in d, 0.5, 4? 0.5 Let o = 43/27 – -3/27. What is the fourth biggest value in 1, -7, o, -1/4? -7 Suppose 5*d + 5*p = p + 12, 4*d = 3*p + 25. Suppose 3*a + d = 2*l – 0, 4*a = -2*l – 16. Let v = -0.15 + 0.05. What is the second biggest value in l, v, -0.2? v Let j = -4.3 + 4. Let x = -3.4 – -3. Let s = x – j. What is the biggest value in 3/8, s, -4? 3/8 Let l = -4 – -7. Which is the smallest value? (a) 2

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