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An action RPG game developed by SEGA and Riders Factory in collaboration with Oreki Studio. A fictional world of the Lands Between where fantasy meets real. The new fantasy action RPG that begins with a high concept story: “The Lands Between – a world where two different dimensions meet.” The story begins when the Goddess of Fate asks the Fated King of the lands “Where did the Man of Fire go?” “The Man of Fire”, who can find the solution to the riddle of existence, has disappeared without a trace, and none of his neighboring countries know of his whereabouts. In order to seek out the truth that lies deeper within the Lands Between, the King sends his army to search for the Man of Fire, but it is only when they arrive that they discover that “THE ELDEN RING” has been awakened. The rules of the Elden Ring: ◆ A fictitious world in which fantasy meets reality. ◆ Multiple truths with one goal in mind. ◆ A world where anything can happen. ◆ Two different dimensions meet. ◆ Men are born, lives are ended. ◆ The belief of creation and annihilation. ◆ The stories of the Lands Between. THE STORY SO FAR… ◆ When the legendary Elder Spirits Ragnok, Anser, and Rune were banished from the lands of legend, they asked the goddess to grant them a sacrifice, the Fated King named “Goldotian” was summoned as a sacrifice to purify the lands, and his blood will bind them together for eternity. ◆ The time had finally come. ◆ The King’s official declaration of war. ◆ The grand clans entered the Lands Between. ◆ The lords of the lands along the road of destiny. * The Elden Ring Story is a work of fiction and is not based on historical events, organizations, persons or places. * Product Features ・An epic fantasy adventure: You can relive the adventure of your life in this real fantasy world. You can choose a character who is made up of three characters in a single game. ・High degree of freedom: The world where fantasy meets reality. Do you want to become an adventurer in a fantasy world? You can do whatever you want in this world, such as visiting important locations and playing with swords and other weapons. * Recommended


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Enter a vast fantasy world.
  • Create your own character.
  • Customize your equipment.
  • Expertly develop your character.
  • Unravel a multi-layered story.
  • Travel together, and enjoy a shared adventure.
  • Optimized for all-screen 8-bit graphics.
  • Player-Created Maps.
  • Evolve your character through leveling up, or buff it with various set bonuses.
  • Play through the Lands Between with asynchronous online multiplayer.
  • A variety of endings.
  • A high sense of competiveness, and a new adrenaline-inducing battle experience.
  • Search and Traverse the Lands Between.
  • High-Quality and Active Development Updates.
  • How to Get Started:

    1. Make a title screen. Create a character and save the data.
    2. Wish me happy, and link a friend account using your phone. Put the link through

    If you succeed in connecting with others, the data will be saved and a new game will be launched. Now you can enjoy the online joint adventure, and begin your adventure in the Lands Between.

    There are quite a few of the game’s wealth of features; please continue to enjoy the game.

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    Elden Ring is currently available for smartphones in the global Apple App Store and Google Play stores.

    Elden Ring is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gree Inc.



    Special Feature:



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    “I never thought I would be playing a fantasy RPG that’s dripping with Japanese culture.” “This game allows you to play like a dark warrior.” “Perfect for those who feel like they’re playing a copy of the role-playing game, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. “The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is a series that is known for providing excellent action game experiences, and the Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II delivers a game that is much more than that.” “If you were looking for a new game that will not disappoint you, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is the perfect game that you should try.” “We have never had a solid sequel to Trails in years.” “The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is a smart and surprising sequel that fans of the original will enjoy.” “This game deserves a rating of five stars.” “You never get tired of playing this game because it never gets boring.” bff6bb2d33


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    DEVELOP YOUR CHARACTER EXPLORE THE LAND BETWEEN STORE MANIA AMAZING ACHIEVEMENTS 1. You will be born in a small village where a mysterious force changes your body into a tarnished body. 2. Explore the world of the Lands Between with the people of your village and the characters you meet. 3. You will create your own character and develop it using the traits you learn from different situations. 4. Whether you want to become a hero who battles an enemy that you are repelled by, a mystic who gathers the power of light, or a thief who uses stealth and traps to steal things, you can freely develop your character. 5. You can combine different armor, weapons, and magic and invent items using those combinations, according to your play style. 6. The wide fields of the Lands Between are a vast world where you can freely move. A variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are constantly appearing. An immense amount of content awaits you to discover. 7. You can directly visit the characters around you, using an asynchronous online feature. The game supports a unique online element that allows you to feel the presence of others when you play. 8. There are various ways to fight and monsters that you will encounter. Try out these varied fights using the various combat techniques you learn. 9. Through storage, you will be able to collect your items and items obtained as rewards for quests. Here you can also equip items to increase the attributes of your equipment. 10. The various attributes of weapons, armor, and weapons can be enhanced and the materials required for each are gained through various means. 11. There are many items that you can use to enhance the attributes of your equipment. It is possible to collect rare and powerful items from quest rewards and the defeated monsters. 12. The form that your custom character will be in when you start the game is determined by the stats assigned to equipment, and you can freely change it during the game. 13. You can buy numerous items that you want, or use the magic power that you learn from quests and monsters to enhance your equipment. 14. The Lands Between that you will explore in the game are composed of five continents. Within them, there are various regions that you can freely visit. 15. Using items obtained in the game, you can create and customize your own items to


    What’s new:

    On the Steam store: This is a free update but as usual, content will be available for purchase. We wish you enjoy it and see you on the Freelands. Hello everyone and welcome to the spring 2018 update! For this version, we have some exciting news for our Aetherial Communities! The Aetherial Community is our 10km Multiplayer server that is entirely free to play and is open to everyone. Aetherial provides community servers for players that enjoy the Aetherial Speed and they are dedicated to the community. Aetherial has been a community server for several years now which means that it’s always been well worked on. We are welcoming this server with a new update: Aetherial Spectacular! Aetherial Spectacular is a new animation set which provides a visually unique look to our server. The entire system will allow players to enjoy new visual effects, completely revamped goal markers and many more new features for the Aetherial community. Also, in the Aetherial Forum has been created the Aetherial Communiques group where community members can communicate and discuss all the new updates. If you’d like to opt-in to Aetherial Spectacular for free while you wait for the next update, the server will be automatically opt-in for you in a few days. This is the best way to secure the entire new server update. By subscribing, players will gain access to all Aetherial content forever. The only decision to make is if you would like to subscribe at the end of the season. Just email to subscribe or leave for updates at the Aetherial Community. The spring update will contain lots of other new features as well including: New Monster Names and Prices We are adding a new type of monster in this update. Paladin’s monsters are able to use a new type of skill called Acumen which not only increases the slaying amount of monsters but also their attack speed. This is done for more realistic combat and after poll tests we decided to go with Acumen over any other attack speed buffs found in older updates. The new incarnation of Morasyrt will now give players 3 Sleeth, 6 Horde Guardians, and 2 Ravenous Streamworms. Leviathan has been released to the May update. Leviathan is a merchant, a trade assistant that will help players to market food, land, and weapons. Leviathan will appear


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • PVP Battles & multiplay with friends
  • Explore new Terrains
  • Fight the hordes of the frigid Elden Mountains
  • A Huge Variety of Enemies
  • Discover a Large World
  • Customize every aspect of your character
  • Discover the Land Between
  • Create your Own Personage
  • Legendary Storyline, Masterpiece Script

    1. Download game
    2. Go to Installer & choose-fit the program to your computer
    3. Run the program and follow the prompts
    4. Enjoy playing the game

    Enjoy playing the game.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Input from the PlayStation 4 Pro version will be required to support the following resolutions and frame rates on the PlayStation 4 version: Full HD (1080p): 30 FPS Standard HD (720p): 60 FPS For optimal performance, we suggest that you use the following recommended settings for your system: 2.0GHz or faster quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM For best performance, we also recommend the following external graphics card with support for PhysX 2.0 and AMD CrossFire: NVIDIA GTX 760


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