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Established in 1944, Crypt of the NecroDancer is a growing fantasy real-time strategy game aimed at both adults and children. Crave to return to the undiscovered world, the Kingdom of Neia, where magic and science coexist, and defeat the Amenskia Empire with the power of the Full Burst. COPYRIGHT 2018 YAZOG NATURE OF YAZOG PRODUCTION: YAZOG is a joint-stock company founded by three Russian game developers Nizar Mansurov, Sergey Slavyanov and David Vodakov. In 2009 the company entered the Japanese market under the name of FAR CRY PRODUCTIONS, and in 2010 changed its name to ABRASIVE PRODUCTIONS. GAMEPLAY: ABRASIVE is a third-person shooter that focuses on different tactics to approach the situation, such as finding new weapons for new situations or using your stealth capabilities. You have to use your intelligence to overcome the challenges you encounter. FEATURES: • The game is set in a mysterious world that requires both smart decisions and fast reflexes. • A cinematic story, with some truly beautiful visual effects and character designs. • You can change your weapons at any time, with many different combinations. The combat system can be quite demanding, but it always rewards you with the best results. • The game offers a variety of weapons and melee attacks, including guns, swords, and close-combat weapons. • There are many enemies to kill and collect their parts to upgrade yourself and your weapons. • Characters have different levels of experience and levels of power. The most skilled characters have high-level of power and can be expected from any situation. • You have different location: main base, forest, mountains, caves, towns, villages, dangerous wild areas… • There are some different game modes to choose from: story, missions, missions with a time limit, “doom mode” and a survival mode. • You can collect money and items by completing missions and collect the blood of your enemies. • Over 40 types of enemies have been created for you to fight. • You can customize your equipment and weapons. You can use different weapons to kill different enemies. • You can summon a variety of guardian beasts, some of which can help you in fights against enemies. • Player


Features Key:

  • Elden Ring Online
  • Elden RingOnline is a unique online element in the Lands Between. Receive important information from other players and send responses.
  • Elden Ring: Adventure
  • Elden Ring: Adventure uses beautiful maps from the Lands Between and a variety of entertaining quests to allow you to enjoy a packed world.
  • Elden Ring: Skill System
  • An experience system in which you level up and earn items as you battle.
    Each character has six different elements–strength, defense, strength, defense, intellect, and magic. Your elements are used to adjust your character’s strength and defense
    and also increase your ability.
  • Elden Ring: Arena
  • Arena emulates the manner in which the Lands Between would be flooded with many hunters wielding sharp weapons and using magic for attack. Face these opponents and advance to the next round with glory!
  • Elden Ring Notice:

    • Elden Ring is an initial 15 APON of mobile game. At the A Piece of Next we are constantly updating Elden Ring, so it will be adjusted to that you play after installing the game. Therefore, please play Elden Ring as an occasion, we can be held in a suspended state temporarily. For more information please consult with us.




    PLEASE GO TO [] for more information.

    Developed by Landmark Entertainment



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    Reviews: ELDTEN RING 1.1.0 ※According to Developer Comments, details on additional functions will be announced after the release. ※Please check the Terms and Conditions for details on purchase and use. ※ELDTEN RING 1.1.0 for android will be available on September 30th. Version 1.1.0: Release Notes of ELDTEN RING 1.1.0 – Ability to use Vampirism in the Wild The Vampirism Ability allows you to consume the blood of the monsters killed by your monsters to heal your HP. If you use a skill while the attack hits an enemy monster, the skill will consume the blood of the hit enemy monster instead of the one that you used. Consuming the blood of a monster requires 40 gold, but is an inexpensive ability that gives temporary HP. – The Awakening Skill of the Black Dragonlings The Awakening Skill of the Black Dragonlings drastically increases the level of the Black Dragonling that you awaken. Black Dragonling Level 1: Level 20 Black Dragonling Level 2: Level 40 Black Dragonling Level 3: Level 60 Black Dragonling Level 4: Level 80 Black Dragonling Level 5: Level 100 – Leveling Up Map The Leveling Up Map is a guide to help you easily level up. It shows all the important information regarding your characters’ level, such as EXP. – Additional Maps Three additional maps have been added. – Equipped Item Change Press the menu to change your equipped item. – Seasonal Events Various seasonal events will be held. Players can easily access them via the “Festivals,” “Abilities,” and “Bosses” menus. [1] Equipment Information Menu [2] Equipment Information [3] Stat Correction [4] Global Stats [5] User Interface Settings [6] GM Dialog [7] Dungeon Strats [8] Dungeon History [9] Black Dragonling [10] Black Dragonling Strike Results [11] Achievements [12] Character Creation [13] Money Book [14] Censored Label [15] Status Effects [16 bff6bb2d33


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    ※ ◆ Head and Body Balance ◆ ※ ◆ “Auto-Parallel Movement” ◆ ※ ◆ “Auto-Dual-Steering” ◆ Eluden Ring game is an action RPG that integrates a new game system involving a “Dual-Steering” system that allows parallel movement, in which the character’s movement will not automatically follow the camera viewpoint. As a result, the character can move freely along the direction in which the camera is moving while making on-screen movements by steering the head and the body. ■ Dual-Steering System ・ The character’s movement is not controlled using the camera. ・ The player can freely steer the character’s head and body by pressing the “Right Stick” or “L2” button at the same time. ・ You can freely control the direction of movement of the character, and you can also freely control the size of movement. ■ Accessibility and Immersion ・ The camera is not automatically controlled and the player can freely steer the character’s head and body in parallel to the camera. ・ Players can freely control the character’s movement in parallel to the camera. ・ Players can freely control the direction and the size of movement of the character. ・ The control method is automatically determined with the camera automatically zooming out and panning. ・ The character is freely moving without being fixed to the camera, and the size and speed of the camera movement can be freely controlled. ・ You can freely control the movement of the character in all directions and in all spaces. ・ You can freely control the distance and the direction of movement. PLAY A CAPTIVATING FANTASY IN THE LAND BETWEEN ■ Choose Your Battles with a Variety of Tactics A guild with various characteristics depending on the clans you choose. ・ The different clans within the guild combine to form a wide range of strategies through a variety of tactics. ・ Match the character’s strength and role against the enemy, and create a variety of combinations of the characters. ■ The Magic Power of Guilds It is possible to select a guild in an online game to obtain a wide range of guilds and skills with a single game. Through guilds, you can gain and raise magic power and gain access to a variety of magic power-increasing items. ■ Share Your Experiences with Friends


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■■■About Path of Exile AE■■■

    Path of Exile is developed by Spikesource. In addition to the main game, Path of Exile: Complete. Beyond also brings the following content with it. Additionally, with the main game update, the dedicated web page for the expansion is under development.
    Are you interested in another episode? Check out the Path of Exile: Introduction Trailer.

    ●☆ Requires Steam Path of Exile: Complete is built on the Windows platform. You cannot play the game without an installation of Steam client.●

    ● Official Site

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    Elden Ring’s Main Features

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