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Name Top Billiards
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Rating 4.65 / 5 ( 5617 votes )
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Additional Information

Name Top Billiards
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.65 / 5 ( 5617 votes )
Update (15 days ago)


Top Billiards Features Key:

  • Play on your HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR and other compatible devices
  • A new breed of virtual cat is taking over the world to show off your favorite phone
  • Turn into your favorite Furball to destroy everything in your path
  • Play hard-mode modes for amazing sound effects and progress rewarding
  • Destruct things made famous in movies and video games

The Story:

Normal mode: your father has placed a kill order on you and a new team of elite cats has kidnapped him. Find him before the police do and rescue him. Mission accomplished.

Hard-mode: the environment is your enemy. Most of the pins have been digitally placed. The only way you will survive is to go much faster and become the biggest savage. (Submissions will be highly discounted).


  • Assault mode, use crossbow to smash your enemies
  • Switch into your own Furball, turn into your favourite and smash everything around you
  • Use the touchpad to reflect or jump
  • Double jump to smash through setpieces and turn into your favourite
  • Become a huge Cat-monster
  • Advance to hard mode for greater sound and destruction rewards
  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Endless mode


  • Strap your HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR or other compatible VR headset to play
  • Comes bundled with two awesome symbols that can be selected via the touchpad
  • Download the Oculus client and Steam version to play on other supported VR systems.


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Sumire, the main character, is an average high school girl. She spends her days playing games on the internet and on her phone, avoiding the world around her. Soon, she falls ill. All she can think about is death. She’s resigned to death, as she feels that she will be able to accomplish nothing once her time has come. Sumire’s life changes when she meets Akari. Akari is a young girl who lives in a hospital. This is where the two friends reunite. After a chance encounter, Sumire realizes that she has a life to live. She decides that she will live her life, but in a different way. And this is how the story of Narcissu Sumire commences. Main Characters Hatsumi Sumire (Jonna) A young woman who spends her days playing video games. She’s a shut-in who has spent the past 10 years thinking that her life has no purpose. Akari Kurata (Rino) A young woman who has spent the past 10 years in the same hospital ward, dreaming of finding someone. Lori (3rd) A hospital volunteer who helps Akari. … Betas and Patches will be released in the future!All future updates will be free! This is the game that I made as my graduation project at J-Comi, a studio in Japan. After graduating from J-Comi, I was contacted by Steam to do promotions. I had never imagined the magnitude of the project I was about to be involved with when I entered J-Comi, where I was introduced to the VFX and Game Design courses. Right after I started my studies, I was asked to create a new series. When I was struggling to create a story, the idea of a story where two sad girls meet came to mind, and ‘Narcissu’ was the result. This story is about how two people born from different lives meet and touch each other, and how they decide to live on together. I hope you all enjoy this story. The project ended in January, and I am currently still working on the final version. After receiving negative feedbacks in the first beta and then positive feedbacks on Steam, I have decided to release it in one go. Hence this is the beta version. As for the final version, it will be released free in around one month. Although this is a fan-made project,


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